Cell phones vs. bees?

Bill Maher, as usual, has nailed the current state of our consumption patterns versus the environment. He’s right to say that every day should be Earth Day. It’s kinda like how the supermarket has one miniscule “health food” section. It implies the rest of the store is unhealthy.

Click the link below to watch the hilarious but scary video clip.

Maher on the Birds and the Bees – Earth Day Needs to be Everyday – The Largest Minority:

In honor of Earth Day, Maher stresses the necessity of sacrifice. He points to the colony collapse phenomenon, which has affected honeybees on a global scale. Because of our agricultural dependence on this insect, Albert Einstein once said that “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.” The exact cause of their disappearance is a mystery, but there’s little doubt that we’re the ones responsible for it. If cell phone signals are the cause of this die off, will we decide to literally talk ourselves to death?

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