The self-made universe


OK, so this kind of stuff gives me vertigo, but in principle I’m cosigning the self-made, self-organization concept as the paradigm of choice. I’m not enough of a physicist to contend this particular theory, but when it comes to understanding media, societies, cities and braina, these are ideas that are worth pondering.

Cosmic Log : The self-made universe:

Cosmic Log: Why is the universe bio-friendly? Is it intelligent design, or blind chance, or none of the above?

Davies: There are three popular responses to the fact that the universe does seem to be weirdly fine-tuned for life. And I think all three are found wanting.

The three are the intelligent-design argument; the idea that if we had a final theory of physics, then all of the undetermined parameters in the laws would be fixed by that theory; and the third is the multiverse – the notion that there is a multiplicity of universes, with laws that vary from one to the other.

I think all three of these explanations are found wanting – and I have my own preferred view, which is that the universe has engineering its own bio-friendliness through a sort of feedback loop that operates in both directions in time.

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