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Sustainable media, empowerment and collaboration for youth media and health projects, stressing multicultural strategies for critical viewing, self-esteem, arts, community, prevention and ecology.

World Bridger Media's Vision and Mission Statement World Bridger Media Vision and Mission

The Media Ecosystem: What Ecology Can Teach Us about Responsible Media Practice


"Media literacy’s role, according to Lopez, is to bring together all aspects of media. Rather than equipping students to do battle with media, Lopez wants teachers to help their students make the stories cohere, to help their students participate actively in new media communities, and to aid in the creation of new media. The “mediacologist” uses the Hopi symbol of the cross within the wheel as a talisman to bring together the logical, linear with the holistic and integrative. Antonio Lopez dares educators to think differently about media literacy. This book provides us with the theoretical foundation to begin the journey." Reviewed in Teacher College Reader

Cultural Diversity

Founded by Antonio López, a media producer, artist, journalist, teacher and community-based media activist, World Bridger Media links cultures, ideas and the arts through inspirational multimedia talks, workshops and trainings.

Community-Based Media Empowerment

López has worked in grassroots media for over 20 years as a publisher, editor, writer and video producer. He's a trained media literacy instructor and writes nationally for newspapers and magazine on issues concerning cultural diversity, arts, youth, media and music.

Media Literacy for Latinos, Native Americans and Under-Served Communities

López specializes in working with rural communities, focusing on Latino and Native American youth in digital media arts, media literacy, and video production. He produced content for the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy, New Mexico Media Literacy Project's Spanish language media literacy and health CDROM (the first of its kind), Medios y Remedios and the Merchants of Culture CDROM.

Other clients include PBS' In The Mix, Eyebeam, MediaSnackers, Brooklyn College Media Arts Network, Santa Fe Indian School, Pueblo of San Ildefonso, New Mexico's Museum of International Folk Art, Center for Contemporary Arts, Intel, Tulalip Tribe, Salt River Pima Tribe, Washington State Tobacco Prevention Resource Center, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, and the Praxis Project.

Youth Media and Wellness

López has organized national teen media conferences and works regularly with regional tribes, urban high school media arts organizations, film festivals, and grassroots media activist groups.

Multimedia Talks and Workshops by Antonio López

López has presented at national conferences, including National Center for the Preservation of Democracy, Action Coalition for Media Education Summit, National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, National Rural Health Organization, and Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference.