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Merchants of Culture CDROM
Merchants of Culture CDROM

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This valuable resource contains dozens of video and print examples of how advertisers market harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco to various niche audiences, including Native Americans, Latinos, African Americans, Asians, GLBT and Women. This is an excellent primer for introducing the subject of cultural marketing to high school and middle school students. Includes handouts and suggested classroom use.


The purpose of this CDROM is to provide a general introduction to media literacy from a multicultural perspective with an emphasis on promoting healthy choices and prevention strategies. The CD provides step-by-step advertisement deconstructions and has self-contained lessons for the classroom.

The CDROM includes "General Media Lit Resources" with handouts and resources that can be used as a general media literacy tool kit.

Each additional folder contains easy to read lessons and corresponding media files that can be used during lessons (Quicktime movies and JPEG files). This CDROM is structured in such a way for you to use the files flexibly on the PC or Mac, so you can insert them into your own PowerPoint or Keynote presentations if you wish.

The 8 general categories are:

1-Media and Culture

2-Media, Fear and Desire

3-Media and Alcohol

4-Media and Tobacco

5-Media and Body Image


7-Media and Violence

8-Media and Physical Health

There are media representing different cultures (i.e. African American, Latino, Native American, Asian), but many of the concepts can be applied across cultures. For example, the Coors ad targeting African Americans uses the same strategies used to target Latinos or any other culture group. Companies who market to niche groups or so-called subcultures basically operate with a similar strategy: they just change the codes to make them culturally relevant to their target audience. So it is possible to have the Shakira ad in both English and Spanish, but the message will stay substantially the same. In fact, you will find several examples of Spanish language media on this CDROM, but don't be discouraged from using these samples because sometimes it helps students to focus on the visual imagery as opposed to the words. In some cases you can mute the sound to draw attention to the images.

Remember: media deconstruction is fun! Kids love this stuff; so enjoy yourself as you learn to master the fine art of media analysis.

Technical information:

All video files are in Quicktime format and play using the most current version of the Quicktime Player 6.0 on Macs and PCs.

All graphic files are in jpeg format and should open by double clicking.

All text documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.