World Bridger Media: Sustainable Media


Sustainable media, empowerment and collaboration for youth media and health projects, stressing multicultural strategies for critical viewing, self-esteem, arts, community and prevention.


Sustainable Media: Media that promote ecological values of sustainability in both form and content by supporting local, grassroots media production and analysis to promote diverse voices, communication and community.


  • To promote sustainable ecological media that encourages positive environmental, healthy, spiritual and democratic values, with an emphasis on youth education.
  • To democratize the media environment through teaching literacy and production skills.
  • To counter fear-based media messages and instruct on the positive uses of media to tell stories.
  • To promote grassroots media through assisting underrepresented communities in obtaining affordable digital media equipment and to provide training.
  • To build an international community of media activists and producers.
  • To nurture and promote grassroots media projects.
  • To promote media as art.
  • To create and distribute educational materials related to media literacy and production.
  • To experiment, develop, innovate and explore new tools and creative venues for the tasks outlined above.